Making my website header

Today I decided to add some life to my website by making a new header. As this is one of the first thing you will notice, I thought it was best to customize it and give you a great entry into the Pimsworld lol.

Let me share with you the process of this creation.

At the beginning, I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do. Basically it was just to add some nice fun drawings to the header.
I started the first sketches with Spider-Man upside down, Mario walking on the Pimsworld sign, Goku on the magical cloud. However I quickly realized that it wasn’t going to work out because the header would be to busy/heavy.

I decided to transition toward a drawing of Goku Kamehamehaing the Pimsworld sign. Pretty dope uh ? To do so I used references of course, a page of the second volume of Dragon Ball to be exact.

To finish I decided to add another character on the opposite side of the canvas in order to balanced the piece. I drew Boo as he can also do the Kamehameha and has a nice color skin for the header purpose.

That’s it ! I hope that you guys liked to see the process. Leave a comment or share this if you do !

Bye bye

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