Ink day, Good day

A while back I sketched a cool pose and decided to take it further with an ink drawing. Here is the sketch I initially drew.

No reference were used, I actually was practicing drawing from imagination at the time. Despite the fact that it is a tiny sketch it was a good base to start on a bigger scale. I wanted to add intriguing design elements to this character and forms that would break the silhouette. The hat and the chain necklace helped defined the overall design.

Once the final sketch is done it’s to get to the real stuff : INKKKKSSS ! Most people are not confident when it come to inks, they fear to mess up the sketch. Me, I love it because I use inks to actually draw and refine the piece. Plus if you mess up a part you can always go over with some blacks to cover it lol.
Here is the final inked piece :

I finally added some comics type greyscale, just because it’s best for Instagram and it’s good practice !

That’s it ! Thanks for stopping by. If you like the art, share it !

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