NBA Toon’s Day struggle

This week NBAToon’s Day was quite challenging to create and I want to share that experience here.

Why was it more difficult to create than usual ?

Well, for starter I created this piece entirely with traditional medium and tools. That means no room for errors when you ink and color. I had to do the art twice because I was stupid and rushed at the inking stage.
It’s also much harder to mask the imperfections that you might have on the drawing when you work with traditional colors. With photoshop you can add a glow effect here and there to lead the eye which is very though to do with markers. It is also much easier to create atmospheric perspective on photoshop.

Then comes the question : why don’t I use the digital medium ?
Basically everyone uses the digital medium nowadays, especially for colors. As many people do NBA cartoons on internet, I want to be different and do my own thing with a different feel.
I think that many people won’t like the traditional colors because I am not a master yet. However I am convinced that going this way will pay off and allow me to have a very distinct style. I now have to focus on my coloring skills to get a traditional finish art that is as polished as a digital one !

Even if I don’t think that this cartoon is my best I decided to post it anyway because A you have to be consistent and B this type of work is not meant for artists but for NBA amateurs

Feel free to comment and engage with me to share your thoughts on this matter ! 😊

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